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Real Estate Agents Sunshine

Any time you come to a situation of buying or selling a property, people’ll likely look after for trusting help from a real estate broker. But which one is best? There are Domain, and other top real estate agents, personal connections who are in the field, someone who’s famous in local market that we come to know over time. One of them or some of them might be right for you.

Choose the Top Agent

George and and Sandra, Melbourne, found the best matched property that they had imagined to buy once they went out for a wedding party on Ballarat Rd. Through connections, they got several experienced real estate agents in Sunshine. After a few interview, they chose Dee Nguyen, the head of RayWhite Sunshine.They said: “We don’t need to struggle much when in search of a real estate agent, we can ask from family and connections then we interview to get the right one.”

Sandra says the real estate agent was top dog negotiator that had a track of excellent record of helping clients buying and selling house. That agent was fascinated with the deal. It took only a few phone calls for the real estate deal master to stand his ground on price, and from that point on, my agent was not scared to negotiate.

Sandra thinks the next time buying new house, she’ll look for such a professional agent who loves the deal and willing to do a great job for their clients.

Right agent for home sellers, where to find?

Gone are the days when real estate broker just put a selling sign on a property and then sit in their cubicle and wait until someone call for buying.

In this days and age, what a seller should do instead is looking for a agent that have their reputation exploded on social platforms like Facebook (RayWhite Sunshine Facebook), Instagram or on top of search engine like Google. Besides, the broker also have their reputation through the words of mouth and an attitude of being pro-activeness.